Keynote Lectures

Nutrition Security in Rice-based Agri-food Systems

Dr. Jacqueline Hughes
Deputy Director General for Research
International Rice Research Institute,


Improved Productivity of Rice-based Lowland Cropping in Monsoon Asia
- Recent Changes and Research Challenges

Dr. Shu Fukai
The University of Queensland, Australia


Climate Change and Advancing Rice Production in Asia

Professor Dr. Jun-Ichi Sakagami
Faculty of Agriculture, Kagoshima University, Japan



Dr. Toshihiro Hasegawa
National Institute for Agro-Environemtanl Sciences, Japan
"Global Climate Changes and Their Impacts on Crop Production"


Professor Dr. Apichart Vanavichit
Rice Science Center, Kasetsart University, Thailand
"New Molecular Breeding of Environmentally Friendly Rice"


Assoc. Professor Dr. Nguyen Duy Can
College of Rural Development, CanTho University, Vietnam
"Tropical Farming System under Environmental Changes in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam"


Dr. Junhwan Kim
National Institute of Crop Science, Korea
"Maximizing Rice Production and Quality under Climate Change"


Dr. Ming-Hwi Yao
Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute, Taiwan
"Challenge and Adaptation for Rice Production under Climate Change in Taiwan"


Field Crop Production

  1. Direct-seeded rice in Asia-Oceania region
  2. Concepts, prospects, and potentiality of crop production in East Asia (sponsored by The Korean Society of Crop Science)
  3. Current Issues on Tropical Crops (sponsored by the Japanese Society for Tropical Agriculture / The Society of Sago Palm Studies)
  4. Legume Production in Asia

Farming System

  1. Cropping System / Crop Rotation
  2. Crop Production System
  3. Crop Modeling: Recent Progress and Applications
  4. Smart Farming (Remote Sensing, ITC) (sponsored by Asian Association of Agricultural Colleges and Universities (AAACU))

Abiotic Stress for Crop Production

  1. Temperature Stress
  2. Drought Physiology
  3. Salinity
  4. O2 Deficiency, Submergence

Crop Genetics and Physiology

  1. Genetic Improvement of Crop Yield
  2. Assimilate Partitioning for Crop Productivity and Quality
  3. High Quality Food and Ingredients
  4. Root Genetics and Breeding (sponsored by the Japanese Society of Breeding)