Special Issue

We will publish a Special Issue of an official English journal of Crop Science Society of Japan (CSSJ), Plant Production Science, and the topic will be focused on “Abiotic stress for crop production”. We will invite some papers from the sessions "Abiotic stress for crop production”. The content of the submitted paper should be limited to the one containing the new content presented at ACSAC10.

If you would like to submit a paper, please contact the Special Issue guest editor (Dr. Mitsutaka Taniguchi, taniguti@agr.nagoya-u.ac.jp) at the time of abstract submission. We will accept papers in the form of review, regular paper, or short report, just like normal papers submitted to PPS. Please refer to the style guidelines when preparing your paper. The deadline for submission is until the end of August 2020, and peer-review by independent, anonymous expert referees will be conducted. There is no guarantee that all submitted papers will be published in PPS. Article publication fee is based on the fee for CSSJ members.